Car rental in Belgium

What's Included?

  • Premium Location / Airport Fee
  • VAT Local Tax
  • Road Fund Tax (RFT)
  • 24 Hours Road Assistance
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Vehicle Theft Waiver
  • Liability Insurance
  • Unlimited Mileage

Maisieres Car Rental

Maisieres Car RentalBeing a relatively small village, Maisieres has been often overlooked by people looking to spend their vacation time in Belgium. One reason to choose us is because we offer the best Maisieres car rental service possible without the long waiting process and the many papers to be filled. There are wide ranges of car brands to choose from, all in great condition. With us, you are sure to be able to enjoy a smooth journey and allow yourself to experience the fun and rich festivities and the simple and cozy ambience of Maisieres in Mons. Rent a car in Maisieres with us and choose our cost-effective and comprehensive rental deals.

Maisieres - Highlights

Situated cozily in Belgium, in the town of Mons, Hainaut is Maisieres. Maisieres can easily be described as a sleepy town rich with culture and still home to the traditional architecture and cobble stone streets. What attract tourists to Maisieres are the festivities that often take place and locals are quick to invite foreigners to take part in the merrymaking. For example, the Doudou is a seven day festival with varying smaller events taking place to celebrate Trinity Sunday. Also, because Maisieres, and Belgium in general, has a very rich heritage, vacationers can spend their time visiting the many differing museums and also the gothic cathedrals situated evenly around the town as well as the neighboring villages. For those looking for a leisurely experience in Maisieres, a drive or stroll along the old village are particularly enjoyable. By using Maisieres car rental services you explore all its fascinating attractions at your own terms.

As it is a small village, going around Maisieres is relatively simple, with the public bus and trams to take one around the village. Walking is also another option if one would like to experience the beauty of Maisieres up close. Even if these ways of getting around Maisieres are cheaper alternatives, they are also more tiring and may sometimes be inconvenient. The more private and convenient option would be to avail of a Maisieres car rental service where can go for take into service. Hire a car in Maisieres now!